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Top 10 Greatest Rulers Of All The Times And Are Known In Whole World



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A ruler is certainly the person who can bring about a change in the entire society,who can change the world around him with his own leadership qualities.Many attributes are required to be a great ruler.A great ruler is known by his actions,the actions may be the end of violence,creation of a peaceful society,gaining victory over nations or may be changing his entire country.There have been uncountable rulers in the world history,but only some of them can be categorize as ‘The Greatest Ruler’.Here we will discus some of the greatest rulers that world has seen so far.




Genghis khan is the most brutal emperor in the history of world.He was the founder of the most contiguous empire of the world i.e. the Mongol empire.He made an army by himself by uniting some nomadic tribes and trained them.Then he started Mongol invasions.He conquered a large number of dynasties within years.His invasions over countries includes massacres of many civilians.He was successful in conquering  almost all parts of Central Asia and China.He was an unbeatable military man.His military accomplishments are above extra ordinary.Besides military possessions,he also created many other reforms in the Mongol dynasty.He declared Uyghur script as writing system for Mongol empire.He was very liberal in religious view.The main example here is of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia,uniting whom the whole empire was build.He was originally a Muslim,but he possess great tolerance in religions.He constructed various temples and churches in his empire.This great ruler is regarded as the founding father of Mongolians.



Peter  was known as Peter the Great.He ruled the Russian country from 1682 to 1725.This great emperor dragged Russia from its medieval period and led to modernization of the country.He centralized the government,modernize the army and also created a navy.He created a whole new Russian empire.He modified the believes of people.He said that the old believers are responsible for spiritually holding Russia back,though this statement was opposed by several people,who considered ole believers to be a symbol of true religious devotion.Peter had to share his throne with his elder brother and sister for some duration.However after 1696,he became the sole ruler of the country.The powerful attribute of Peter can be told by knowing his physical presence.He was 7 feet tall and very broad,loud mouthed,violent and ruthless.He was a person who was always eager to learn.He learned many things from a carpentry work to how to train soldiers.He also learned how to torture people.Though he was a violent and ruthless,but it was during his reign only that Russia emerged as a leading eastern European state.He was also treated like a role model by many other future emperors,due to his great ruling tactics.



Queen Elizabeth is an example the greatest woman ruler.She was the queen of England and Ireland from the year 1558 till her end.She belonged to Tudor dynasty.She was a great ruler and was always concerned about her people.She went through lots of struggle in her early days.His mother was executed when she was only two and half-year old Elizabeth was then declared as an illegitimate girl.When she grew up,the throne of her father was succeeded first by her half-brother and then her half-sister,who put her in prison for around a year.Then in year 1558,she succeeded the throne and became the queen of England and Ireland.She was known by many nicknames,the most common and important of which was “The Virgin Queen” .The reason behind this name was that she remained unmarried till her death.She was never dependent over any king for her actions and for control of her kingdom.She was a role model before all the female rulers at that time and was the only female ruler who was working independently without any king and was serving her kingdom.She established an English Protestant Church,which is later known as The Church of England.Elizabeth’s reign is known as Elizabethan era and is mainly famous for the flourishing of English Drama,led by some of the greatest literature kings like William Shakespeare.The failure of Spain in 1588 to conquer England led to a great victory associated with the history of England and thus Queen Elizabeth as well.It was all because of her ruling tactics that she made England a stable and powerful country during her reign.



Akbar was the great ruler of India. He was from the Mughal dynasty. He was the third Mughal emperor.He was also known as Shahanshah. He was very beloved of his people.He ruled for a long period of 63 years i.e.from 1542 to 1605.The most important attribute of Akbar was his liberal religious views.Though he was a Muslim,he never let religion become a part of  his jurisdiction.He even married a Hindu Rajput girl.Inspite of all the religious riots that were going on in the country that time,Akbar took a liberal outlook on all the faiths and beliefs.He ascended the throne at the age of 13 only and within around two decades,he conquered entire northern and central India under his reign.He was a powerful and intelligent man,with all military and jurisdiction tactics.His jurisdiction was always fair and equitable.He was a great admirer of art and culture and painted the walls of his palace.He also maintained a group of 9 people,called as “Navratanas of Akbar”.Akbar was known as the military genius of his time.He did lots of  refinement in the military structure of Mughals. He used war elephants in place of the Sowars,used metal  cylinder rockets called as bans,swivel guns and cannons.Thus with all these refinements,a strong and unshakable Mughal army was being formed. He conqered almost all the part of northern India and established the roots of Mughal empire there. His great military tactics and liberal ideas made him the most popular Indian ruler of all the time.


Catherine was the Russian empress for a long period of around 34 years i.e. from 1962 to 1796.She was certainly the longest ruled empress of the country.She came into power after the assassination of her husband Peter III.It was during the reign of this great empress that Russia emerged as a  super power in Europe.She made an entire new Russian society.She reformed the Russian administration by forming new and effective jurisdiction policies.The Catherinian Era is known as the Golden Era of Russian empire and Russian Nobility.She  freed the Russian nobles from compulsory state and military services and many  mansions of nobility were constructed in classical style.She enlightened the whole country.But still there were some rebellions.Due to the existing serfdom in the country,the peasants and cossacks were forced into increased level of reliance,as the pressure was increased over landlords.This led to a complete rebellion attitude from peasants and cossacks.It was during her reign that the Smolny Institute was established.It was the first state financed,higher education institute for women in Europe.This great empress set an example of modesty for all the other emperors of her time.



Frederick II was the king of Prussia for around 46 years i.e. from 1740 to 1786.He was a very great and turbulent ruler.He worked for the benefits of his society.He attacked Austria and then conquered Silesia,during the Silesian wars.He possessed great intelligence in military campaigning.He was very beloved of his people and was nicknamed as  Der Alte Fritz (“Old Fritz”).He was known as Frederick the Great.His great excellence as a ruler made Prussian border expand towards West Prussia and Silesia.He improved the political and bureaucratic structure of Prussia.He is also responsible for an advance in infrastructure and military forces of his country.He is also one of the Enlightenment Monarchs of the world.His dedication towards his kingdom and the reforms that he made for the development of his country are outstanding and outrageous.




Alexander was designated as ‘Alexander the great’.Alexander is a Greek word which simply means ‘a man who helps others’.This great emperor was same as his name.He was the emperor of Macedon and had succeeded the empire from his father Phillip.He had very brutal and intelligent military tactics that he conquered much of the world by himself and sometimes made the entire nation surrender to him without killing a single man.By the age of 30 only,he developed a great empire starting from the Lonian sea to the Himalayas.He discovered many cities and named them before himself.The predominant one is the Alexandria in Egypt.His great military tactics are still taught in some military academies throughout the world.



Whenever the definition of an ideal ruler is asked,the one and only desired quality is the one who thinks about his people’s needs over him,considers theirs benefits and needs over his own.Now here is the perfect example of an ideal king-Joseph II.He was the Roman emperor from 1764 to 1790.He was designated by his people as ‘Holy Roman Emperor’.He was the first ruler for the Austrian Dominions for House of Lorraine.He is ranked among one of the three most enlightenment monarchs of  the world.He was succeded by his younger brother,as he died without any son.He abolished slavery and serfdom in his reign and thus always did what’s best for his people.His people in return loved him a lot.Even at some places people used to call him as their God,who relieved them from their pain.He is one person who we can call upon as a true King for his people.



Napoleon Bonaparte has been emperor of french from 1804 to 1815.He is one of the best known emperors of the world.He brought a vast advancement in political and judicial foundations of the country at the time of French Revolution.A legal reform known as”Napoleonic Code”  has been enforced by him and was a great influence worldwide.He was a great military and political leader and supported the country at the time of many associated wars.He conqured the entire Europe in his reign .Though he contained enormous military tactics and intelligence,he saw a great fall at the time of French invasion of Russia in 1812.The great ruler died in the year 1821.



Whenever the name true leader comes,the first image that comes to everyone’s mind is that of the Adolf Hitler.He certainly changed the entire social structure of Germany during second world war.He belonged to just a small normal family.But the way he reached from a small farm side house kid to the great leader of the Nazi party,is certainly an epic.He was a great speaker and he used this quality to conquer the minds of people.Through his charismatic speeches,he made people develop faith in him.He turned the entire country against Jews and proved that they are the only reason behind all the problems that Germany is facing.He possessed great mind capturing ability.His ways of convincing  people are extra ordinary.Though his ways were terrible,but this doesn’t change Hitler’s identification as a great leader.He surely is an example of  a great king the world has ever seen

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